C & S Screwdrivers

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Originally Published in American Handgunner Magazine 
September/October 2001

The absolute fastest way you can decrease the value of any good firearm is to scratch the finish or bugger up the screws. Both of these are frequent consequences of using a screwdriver that doesn't fit the screw slot.

And while caution should be exercised while working on any firearm, the venerable Colt Single-Action may be the most prone to screwdriver dings. There are three different screw sizes on the Peacemaker and unless you've got a screw-driver that truly fits the slots, the possibility of damage is real. Hardware store screwdrivers won't do.

Enter Bill Laughridge of Cylinder & Slide Shop. Handgunner readers know him as a custom gunsmith, but his operation also offers quite a few specialty parts. It turns out that Laughridge performs a lot of work on the old single-actions, so his specialized screwdrivers are based on practical experience.

The squarish wooden handles provide a good grip and the bits are hollow ground, just so.

The set of three screwdrivers could be called small, medium and large, but more importantly, they are dead-on fits for each Colt size screw. The large size fits only the big hammer screw on the left side. The middle size fits the other two, as well as the one on the bottom of the frame. In my experience, that one needs snugging up now and then.

The small one is the best of all. It fits the most easily buggered little screws on the backstrap and the three that hold the trigger guard to the receiver. All of those need checking occasionally and if you work on the innards of the old Colt, the C&S screwdrivers are mandatory.

For more information contact Cylinder & Slide Inc., 245 E 4th St., Dept AH, Fremont, NE 68025; phone: (800) 448-1713. www. cylinder-slide. com