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CUSTOM TUNING / Packages (indented)

Beretta 92 & 96 Series Auto Pistols

1911 Single Stack Automatic

     1911 Single Stack Packages

Para Ordnance

     Para Ordnance LDA Double Stack Package

380 Government, Mustang, Pony and Pocket Nine

Browning Hi-Power 9mm/.40 Smith and Wesson

     Browning Hi-Power 9mm/.40 Packages

     Abbreviated Browning Hi-Power Packages - PATHFINDER

Colt Revolver

     Colt Revolver Packages

Ruger 22 Auto

Ruger DA Revolvers

H&K USP Full Size & Compact Pistols 

Glock Pistols

Kahr Pistols

     Kahr Arms MK9, MK40, K9 , K40, T9 and T40 Packages

     Kahr Arms P9, P40, PM9 and PM40, TP9, CW9, P45, PM45 and TP45 Packages

Sig Auto

Single Action Army  (and clones)

Ruger SA Revolver

Smith & Wesson Automatic

Smith & Wesson Revolver

     Smith & Wesson Revolver Packages

Springfield XD

Walther PPK/S