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Hyskore's GripLight

Hyskore's GripLight

Hyskore's GripLight

100+ lumen Defensive Light for the S&W J-Frame Revolver.

The Revolver Grip Light is the idea of Roy Huntington who in collaboration with Hyskore worked to bring this unique product to market. As a retired police officer and noted gun magazine editor, Roy saw a need for a reliable, powerful defensive light that could be easily mounted. The very popular S&W J-Frame Revolver was chosen for the simple reason that it is a much relied on revolver for personal and home protection.

By simply replacing the standard grips with the Grip Light the owner now has the ability at the touch of a button to instantly illuminate his immediate area with a 100+ lumen bright light. This gives the shooter the advantage of not having to hold a flashlight thereby freeing up a hand. Plus with the light already being attached to the revolver you will be ready for any situation at a moments notice.

CS0501 - Hyskore's Griplight for S&W J-Frame

CS0501 - Hyskore's Griplight for S&W J-Frame



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