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Pistolsmithing Classes

Currently Scheduled Classes

Location: Fremont, Nebraska

1911 Match Barrel Fitting Class

September 21-22, 2017

1911 Maintenance Class

September 23, 2017

1911 Custom Build Class

September 25-29, 2017

Pistolsmithing Classes

I would like to thank you for you interest in our Pistolsmithing Classes. I am proud to say that this will mark our 30th year of Pistolsmithing Class. Of course it has gone through quite a few revisions from its humble beginnings. But the premise has never changed and that is to teach a correct and proper way to safely modify and build a 1911 pistol.

Our Pistolsmithing Classes are designed for all levels of experience from the novice to the practicing gunsmith. We have provided training for Government Agencies and even Firearm Manufacturers. our classes provide the student with a solid foundation in both knowledge and skill.

If you are interested in attending a class or possibly having a class in your area, please contact Randy at (402) 721-4277.


Bill Laughridge

1911 Custom Pistolsmithing Class – This is a five day hands-on class in which the student learns professional Pistolsmithing Theory and the techniques and skills needed to build a “state of the art” custom1911 pistol using hand tools. Starting with a high quality parts set each student will learn to fit slide to frame, lower ejection port, install a semi drop-in barrel; match barrel bushing; Ed Brown Hi-Grip Grip Safety; oversize match trigger, do a basic trigger job and install sights among many other tasks to end up with a complete and functional 1911 pistol by the end of class. this class has several options available which will affect the final cost.

1911 Build Your Own Class – This is a five day hands-on class and is offered for those individuals who would like to build a 1911 for themselves. This class is not as intense, has more relaxed atmosphere and does not cover in-depth the building of a custom 1911. Students will have a selection of modifications that they can incorporate into their 1911.

1911 Match Barrel Fitting Class – This is a two day class in which the student learns to properly fit a Full Fit Match Grade Barrel into their 1911 Government Model 45. This class does not cover fitting a match barrel bushing.

1911 Armorer’s Class – This is a two day class in which the student learns maintenance, troubleshooting and general repair and parts replacement of the 1911. This class is geared towards departmental armorers.

1911 Trigger Job Class – This is a one day class where the student learns the detailed techniques of preforming a trigger job on the 1911 pistol. Along with learning to use the Power’s Sear Jig students will gain knowledge in trigger pull trouble shooting.

1911 Maintenance & Malfunction Class – This is a six hour class which consists of hands-on instruction where the student learns the proper techniques for safety, maintenance, disassembly, reassembly and lubrication along with troubleshooting.

S&W Revolver Blueprinting & Tuning Class – This is a five day hands-on class in which the student learns professional Pistolsmithing theory and techniques needed to service, maintain and tune the S&W Revolver. Subjects covered will include basic operating function, complete inspection techniques, general repair to factory specifications, action jobs and select custom modifications.

In addition to the above class list we are also able to design classes to meet a group’s specific needs or to provide individual instruction.

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