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Custom Work

When you decide to have our shop perform custom work on your handgun, you must first send a list of the work you wish to have done and a 50% Deposit. You can order the custom work over the web site and enter the discount code CSTM and our site will only charge your credit card 50% of the total figure on your custom work. You must order all custom work seperate from any parts or accessories orders or it will not be processed! Final payment is due upon completion, prior to shipping. You can email us and have us charge the other half to the same credit card, if you wish or we accept payment by Money Order or Certified Check.

If you are going to have a Bar-Sto barrel installed, you must include a full deposit on the barrel and 50% on the rest of the work. We'll order the barrel and it will be here by the time we're ready to do your gun. You will want to order it seperately, in order to have it charged properly to your credit card and remember not to use the discount code on any items except the custom work. Those orders with other items attached will not be processed.

Do not ship your gun as soon as you get email confirmation of the custom work order. We will call you for the gun when we are ready to build it. This way you can still be shooting your handgun while you are waiting.

Once we recieve your handgun, we will try to have it finished in 4-8 weeks, depending on what you are having done. However, you must always keep in mind that guns are mechanical, we are human and "Murphy" is alive and well! There are times when custom work takes longer than we estimate for a lot of different reasons. We ask that you please be patient. We want to do the best possible job for you and sometimes we just can't do it as fast as you or we would like.

We will not ship outside the US, for any reason. United States orders only

As we said before, we'll be happy to talk with you between 9:00am and 11:30am (Central Time), Monday thru Thrusday, about what options you want on your handgun.

If you choose to cancel your work order, 20% of the deposit will be retained to cover our administrative costs and all parts that have been purchased with your deposit.
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