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51A - 100th Year Anniversary Reproduction 1911 - "The First 500"

51A - 100th Year Anniversary Reproduction 1911 - "The First 500"

51A - 100th Year Anniversary Reproduction 1911 - "The First 500"

  • Please note that our low resolution photos for our website cannot due the superior polish any justice. Many, many hours go into the polishing of this pistol. In high resolution photos you can perfeclty see the reflection of the camera!
  • Forged slide with proper recoil spring plug housing contour, ejection port and disconnector notch
  • 1st generation 1911 sights
  • Barrel with ball throat and proper external contour
  • Firing pin stop with flat bottom
  • Firing pin to proper contour
  • Frame without finger reliefs and thin trigger guard
  • Wide spur hammer with correct checkering
  • Sear with proper contour
  • Disconnector with proper contour
  • One piece long trigger with smooth rounded face
  • Magazine catch with correct checkering
  • Type one dimpled magazine catch lock
  • Grip safety with proper tang length
  • Thumb safety with correct contours and checkering
  • Slide stop with correctly angled thumb piece and checkering
  • Flat mainspring housing with lanyard loop with relief cut in bottom of housing
  • Grip screws with correct head thickness and screwdriver slot width
  • American black walnut double diamond checkered gri8ps with correct checkering pattern
  • Recoil spring plug without tab punch
  • Recoil spring guide with correct contour
  • Ejector with correct nose cuts
  • 1 visible base magazine with pinned on base plate, lanyard loop, correct lips, and flat dimpled heat blued follower
  • Fire Blued: Rear sight, thumb safety, slide stop, one piece trigger, magazine catch, magazine catch lock, pin set and magazine follower
  • Correct edge and corner breaks on slide
  • Correct polish
  • Carbona bluing
  • All inspector marking in correct font applied to frame and slide
  • Frame marked US Property in large type face
  • Serial number for Army 1-100; Navy 501-600; Marine Corps 3501-3600
  • Cylinder and Slide Fremont NE on frame manufactures mark
  • Slide roll marked with all roll marks in correct font with manufacture changed to Cylinder and Slide Fremont NE
  • Slide roll marked on left rear with Cylinder and Slide Logo Correct two piece brown craft paper covered box
  • Waxed craft paper pistol wrapper
  • Does not include shipping
  • Must ship to an FFL
  • Test fire
  • FET

$ 5000.00
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