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CS0265 - SFS Belt Holster

CS0265 - SFS Belt Holster

CS0265 - SFS Belt Holster

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The SFS Belt Holster simply provides a secure way to carry the SFS Flashlight Mount on your belt when you do not want it mounted on your pistol. The SFS Belt Holster is manufactured from an injection-molded polymer. The SFS Belt Holster has a screw adjustment to allow you to instanly size the belt slot to the size of belt that you are wearing. The screw adjustment also locks the SFS Belt Holster to your belt so that the SFS Flashlight Mount and Holster will not move on the belt.

To Law Enforcement Officers:

The SFS Belt Holster will be an accessory that most of you will wish to purchase with your SFS Flashlight Mount. Most of you now carry a handgun that already has the Picitinny Rail on it and most of you will have a personal proection flashlight that will fit the SFS Flashlight Mount. For Law Enforcement pricing you must send or FAX us a copy of your Department ID.



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