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CS0547 - C&S 1911 Match Ledge Hammer Set - (3 Piece Set)

CS0547 - C&S 1911 Match Ledge Hammer Set - (3 Piece Set)
NEW PRODUCT!! Our Match Ledge 3-Piece Set gives you all three carbon steel parts for a better price than purchasing them individually. The Ledge Hammer has been developed to provide an additional safety margin over the traditional 1911 hammer that has the half cock notch with the sear trap notch. The trap notch can be broken off of the half cock on the traditional 1911 hammer if the hammer follows to half cock while firing or if the hammer is being thumb cocked and is released before it is fully cocked allowing the hammer to fall to half cock. If the trap ledge is broken off of the traditional hammer and the trigger is pulled the hammer will fall with enough energy that the pistol will fire. The Ledge Hammer has a much larger surface to catch the sear if the hammer should follow during firing or if the hammer is accidently released before reaching full cock during thumb cocking. The placement of the surface is much closer to the hammer face so that when the hammer is resting on the ledge the trigger can be pulled and the hammer will only fall a tiny distance before contacting the firing pin. The energy of the hammer is so slight that the pistol cannot fire even though the hammer strikes the firing pin.
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