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409 - Kahr PM9 with Package II

409 - Kahr PM9 with Package II

409 - Kahr PM9 with Package II

  • Pistol
  • Recrown Barrel 11 degrees for improved accuracy
  • Throat and polish the barrel feed ramp for improved feeding reliability
  • Radius and Tension the extractor for improved feeding, extraction, and ejection reliability
  • Action job
  • Modify frame to allow magazines to drop freely
  • Bevel ejection port for clean ejection
  • Bevel slide stop edges for improved concealed carry
  • XS sights with tritum front and white stripe rear installed for night carry. Standard or Big Dot front
  • Radius and Polish Trigger for more comfortable and controlled firing
  • Test fire with ball and jacketed hollow Point ammunition for reliability and zero for windage
  • FET

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