Cylinder & Slide Trigger Pull Set

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The Heart of a 1911, the one thing that re-e-ally makes it a superior fighting pistol is its trigger. That incredibly sweet pull that snaps like a bad temper is unparalleled. If the trigger in you '11 needs help, master pistolsmith Bill Laughridge of Cylinder & Slide offers an alternative to the mass-produced triggers many manufactures stuff inside their guns.

Bill's precision CNC machined and EDM-cut fire control components are crafted form billet plate stock of special alloy steel. The tolerance on these parts is held to + or - .0005 inch. That's right, five tenthousandths of an inch. These parts are then heated treated to 50 to 53 RC, hard enough to hold a finished surface but not brittle. Available in a variety of pull weights, we think the C&S Tactical Match 4.5-pound Trigger Pull Set is perfect for a carry gun.

The complete set (except for hammer strut and pin) consists of a Commander hammer, match disconnector, sear, light-pull sear spring, and a hammer (main) spring. These sets are designed to drop in, and usually com very close to giving you the advertised pull weight.

We've used them in several of our own pistols with consistently excellent results. If you can detail strip you 1911 - it's tricky the first time - you can install these parts yourself. The kits come with complete instructions, along with a list of safety tests to check your work. If you decide to let your gunsmith install it for you, he'll probably congratulate you on your good taste. Once you've felt a great trigger, nothing less will suffice.