1911 Government Model

Hi to all,


Attached is a picture of the 1st 4 pistols that we have built.  They are now being hand polished in preparation to being Charcoal and Nitre blued.  The build doesnít take too long but the hand polishing does.  I have a stunning picture of one of the sample pistols but I canít send it out until I have the approval to use it.  I will send it out to you as soon as I get permission to use it.  The booklet that Walt Kulick wrote the historical back ground for along with pictures and information on the special part is just about ready.  I will include one with each pistol.  I am still working on getting the L shaped tool that was originally shipped with each pistol made up.   Iíll let you know the price as soon as I can.  Thanks for your continued patience.