1911 Government Model

100th Anniversary Limited Edition

Hi to all,

Just wanted to get you an update on where we are in building the 1911s.  We have delivered 10.   We have another 10 ready except for the nitre bluing of the small parts and these will be ready to ship in about a week and Ĺ.  There are 9 being polished.   There are 2 that will be shipped to Turnbull this week.  There are 3 being built.  There is one ready for blending which is done before we can start polishing it next week.

 I am still in the preliminary stages of planning the 1910 reproduction.  These will be made on Caspian frames and slides because they are willing to make the frames for me without the thumb safety hole or the plunger tube holes.  Most of the small parts will be the same ones that we are using in the Anniversary pistols.  The recoil plug, barrel bushing, slide stop, side plate, sear pin, and grip safety pin are unique and will have to be made.  The hammer will be the same profile as the Anniversary pistol has but will not be the wide style and the checkering will be much coarser.   The magazine will be the same as the Anniversary.  The grips are going to be the tough part.  They were very similar to the grips on the 1905.  The frame on the 1910 has the angle like the 1911 where as the 1905 had the grip 90 degrees to the top of the frame.  The grips were checkered and had very small diamonds around the grip screws.  The grip screw holes had brass escutcheons.  The grip screw bushings were very small in diameter as were the grip screws.   I am trying to find someone who is willing to make these grips.  I am sure that they will be very pricy and there sure as heck isnít any after market for them as there were only 8 of the original pistols.  The pistols will be finished exactly as the Anniversary pistols are.  This pistol will be a perfect companion piece for your Anniversary pistol.  I will try to get the BATF to allow me to serial number them A1-A100, N501-N600, and M3501-M3600.  That way those of you who have purchased the 1911s can match your serial number with the letter as a prefix instead of a suffix.  I know that I will have to have at least 50 orders to make it financially feasible.  I will make one prototype so you can actually see what they will look like.

If any of you are interested in putting your name on my contact list for the 1910, please shoot me an email and I will let you know what the price will be when I get everything figured out.  I will  get all of your 1911s delivered before I get really serious about starting the process on the 1910s.


William R. Laughridge


Cylinder & Slide, Inc