Update:  27 January 2010


Update on the 1911 reproduction project: 

I have decided to build a reproduction of the military issue 1911 pistol as produced by Colt until Serial Number 3000.  This pistol has several very unique parts.  The most notable part that was changed at SN#3188 was the magazine catch and magazine catch lock.  The original magazine catch lock had a concave head instead of a screw slot.  The removal of the magazine catch was quite difficult to do.  The sear spring had no turned down end on the left hand tine.  The change to the turned down end on the sear spring was made at some where around #1000.  The mainspring housing pin had convex ends on it until about #6499 instead of one convex end and one concave end.  The thumb safety lock was also different and changed at about #6000.  The recoil spring plug did not have a tab pressed into it until about #6500.  There may be more slight differences and I will continue to research them with the reference books that I have.  The only incorrect parts that I will have to offer with the pistol will be the magazines.  The exposed base plate magazines look like they are going to be just too difficult to do so I will do the Type 3 magazines.  There will be two magazines with each pistol.  One magazine will have the lanyard loop and the other will not. The bases will be pinned on.  The slide, frame, mainspring housing, and grip safety will be buffed correctly as possible and the bluing will be Carbona Blue.  The small parts will be fire blued to the iridescent blue color as per the pistols up to #2400.

 I would appreciate it if any of you can point out any other major parts of the pistol that were different in the under #3000 serial number range that I may have overlooked.  Please understand that there are so many tiny variations found from gun to gun that no two of these early pistols were perfectly alike.  These pistols were hand fitted by many different fitters so there were always tiny differences from gun to gun.  So, I will do my best to produce as close of a reproduction as possible and still keep the price under the UNOBTANIUM category.

 Speaking of price and the do-ability of this project, the price that I have now based on my projections is $4000 per pistol.  I will start this project only when I receive 50 deposits of $2000.  The cut off date for receiving the first 50 deposits so I can launch this project will be May 30th, 2010.  If I have received the required 50 paid deposits by that time all deposits become non refundable and the project will move forward.  I have to start the project at that time to be even remotely able to deliver the pistols in 2011.  If I do not receive the needed 50 paid deposits by that time I will have to put the project on hold and I will return all deposits in full that I have received.  If for some reason the price that I have now increases, everyone that has paid a deposit will be contacted and given a refund of their deposit if they so desire.  I would really like to be able to build this 1911 reproduction to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the 1911 but I understand that these are trying times for many people due to the state of the economy and the unknowns of job security so this type of project may be badly timed.

 Please keep checking for new updates.  I would appreciate it if anyone has a pre #3000 pistol that they would be willing to let me examine.  The more pistols that I check the more accurate I can be.  I also would appreciate it if anyone has an original two piece box that the pistol was shipped in so that I can duplicate the markings that were on the box on my two piece craft paper covered boxes.