1911 Government Model

100th Anniversary Limited Edition Mock Ups

Hi to all !  

We have finally completed assembly of the first 25 visible base magazines!  They are way cool and way expensive!  I have no doubt why Colt quit making them very early on.   They were losing money on every one they made!  The simple change of placing the floor plate inside of the tube on the 2nd version of the 1911 magazine eliminated the need to machine the shape of the front of the magazine body on the floor plate.  That had to save huge amounts of time.   The riveting of the bases to the tube of the magazine had to be very labor intensive back in the day.  I was very fortunate to find a spin riveting head to do the rivets with.   

I have been surfing the web and finding pictures of the type 1 magazines.  I have not found one yet that did not show file marks on the sides of the base plates and the rivet heads.  It is obvious to me that each magazine had to be finished by hand filing the base plate to match the tube and knock off some of the rivet head thickness so that the magazine would fit into the pistol and fall freely when released.  Our magazines will NOT show any file marks so I guess that they wonít be exact reproductions.  If you really need to have a correct magazine we will be happy to put some file marks on it before we blue it for a nominal fee.  

For those of you who would like to purchase some of our reproduction parts I have attached a price list of the parts.  I hope to have them available sometime in February.  I have to reserve the first batches of them for the guns.  Once my initial run of parts is exhausted it will probably be some time before I make another run.  The minimum number of parts that I have to order for items like the one piece trigger, wide spur checkered hammer, thumb safety, slide stop, and short tang grip safety requires quite an investment.  If I donít think that I will sell them fairly quickly I will have to wait until I have a sufficient number of parts on back order before I can make a new run of parts.  

Check out my web site next week as I will have some digital images of the sample guns that I will have at the Shot Show.  The pictures are digitally redone as I am a crappy photographer so the color of the bluing is not exact and doesnít do justice to the actual charcoal bluing that Turnbull is putting on them for me.  The heat blued parts color isnít exact either.  I will have some professionally done photos done after the Shot Show and post those as soon as I can.  

Sales of the pistols are moving along very well and I hope to sell the rest of them at the Shot Show or the Safari Club International show in Reno the week after the Shot Show.