1911 Government Model

Hi to all,  

Just wanted to let you know what is going on with the Anniversary pistols.  I have all of the parts in house to start building.  The slides came in and danged if they didnít make the front sight cuts too narrow.  I returned them and they are telling me that they will have them re-cut to the proper size and returned to me next week.  We will begin to build pistols as soon as they get here.  I will do my best to deliver the pistols by order date and not serial number.  I appreciate your patience.   

The manual that I am having done that gives you the history and the special parts information is almost done.  I should have samples of the disassembly/assembly tool in a couple of weeks.  I will send an attached picture of the tool as soon as I have samples.  I hope to get them polished and heat blued if I can do so without running the cost up to much.  

I will have the special parts for sale later for those of you who have a 1911 that has incorrect parts in it.  The hand checkered grips are just beautiful.  The retail price per set is $150.00 but for those of you on this list you can purchase them for $120.00.  Hand checkering is pricey but correct.  I do have some extras already on hand if any of you need some.  If you want to order a pair be sure to tell my staff that you are on my special 1911 email list and I have given you dealer pricing on them. 


Bill Laughridge